Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dominion Versus Domination

God Created Men And Women To Dominate The Earth, Not One Another.

     Both males and females were create in God's image. The basis of their equality before God is that man, the spirit, resides within both of them. As physical beings they were created of the same essence, but differently because each has been designed with specific purposes to fulfill. The different ways in which their dominion assignment is carried out does not affect their equality; it only reflects their distinct purposes, designs, and needs.

      The male was created to exercise dominion over the earth through his priority, position, and assignment. The female was created to help the male fulfill God's dominion purposes for mankind in both the earthly and spiritual realms. It is God's intention that, together, their individual strengths would combine to produce exponential results outcomes much greater than either could accomplish alone. The woman adds to the man's power in living and working, so that the sum is far greater than its parts.

       If males and females were created with perfectly complementary designs, why do men and women experience conflict and competition rather than cooperation? Why does the purpose of dominion over the earth seem more like a quest for domination of one sex over the other?

      The third  chapter of Genesis explain the source of the conflict. Sometime after God had instructed Adam that he could eat from any tree in the Garden except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and Adam had passed this information along to Eve, the devil, in the form of a serpent, tempted Eve to eat from the tree.


  1. May you be resting in peace with the Lord and angels, sweet soul. Thank you for everything you poured out for the rest of us, Dr. Munroe. Your strong, loving direction will benefit humanity for many years to come, throughout the generations.
    See you when it's my turn to come home. Until then, may your eternity be even more beautiful than you imagined while still on earth.
    With respect and gratitude,

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